The diverse and growing collections at the Columbus Botanical Garden provide something for everyone to enjoy. From fragrant roses to vegetables, camellias to herbs and most everything in between, we’ve got a garden niche for you. Tour our offerings here, and be on the lookout for two new gardens coming in 2020: our Georgia Native Perennial Collection featuring a broad selection of wild and wonderful wildflowers from our state, and our southeast Asian inspired space, the Gingko Shade Garden, home to an impressive canopy of Gingko biloba, with a colorful understory of southeast Asian trees, shrubs and perennials.



Cottage Garden

This intimate series of “Garden Rooms” serves as the flowing, green introduction to the Historic Adams farmhouse. A central Herb Garden acts as the hub from which visitors can experience the patio garden, the pollinator garden (coming in 2020), and a mixed flowering border of annuals, perennials, shrubs and ornamental trees. The Cottage Garden’s location adjacent to the Farmhouse makes it a picturesque backdrop for special events of any kind.

Sally H. Adams Vegetable Terraces

The Sally H Adams Vegetable Terraces, built in 2017 adjacent to our historic “Gin-House”, are a year-round spectacle of edible proportions! Winter greens like spinach and kale give way to Spring strawberries, and summer sings of tomatoes and peppers! Squash and pumpkins help wrap up the Fall season, but whenever you visit, you’re sure to see a beautiful bounty of fresh, organic produce. Some of our fruits and vegetables are sold through a small CSA, with the rest going to local restaurants or to the North Highlands Farmers Market at Mercy Med in Bibb City.

Our Mothers’ Rose Garden

The first addition to our terrace gardens, built in 2017, Our Mother’s Rose Garden is the perfect spot for anyone to delight in the beauty of our various roses, perennials, annuals and herbs. Year-round color of companion plants paints this garden in beautiful hues of reds, yellows, pinks, blues, whites and greens. Sit and soak up the sunlight in one of the few seating areas while listening to the sounds of flowing water, and chirping birds, or bring a blanket and have a picnic amongst the petals on the garden’s grass lawn. Admire the stature of the Mister Lincoln tea roses, and enjoy the sweet, citrusy scent of the Double Delight, while appreciating the soft beauty of the Queen Elizabeth grandiflora as you stroll the paths and “stop to smell the roses”.

Joan Holt Walking Trail

Meandering through a quiet woodland, the JoAnn Holt walking trail takes visitors on a mile-long, secluded loop that begins near Our Mothers Rose Garden, passes by the spectacular Sam Wellborn Camellia Garden, and ends adjacent to the garden’s parking lot. Visitors are welcome to walk their dogs on the trail (leashes please), but we ask that dogs not be walked on the rest of the garden property for the continued health of our plant collections. Thank you!

Sam M. Wellborn Camellia Garden

Just a short walk from the Adams farmhouse and the Southern Terrace Gardens, The Sam M. Wellborn Camellia Garden is a true hidden gem of a landscape. Situated beneath a high pine canopy along the JoAnn Holt Walking Trail, our Camellia Garden is an impressive collection of over 750 varieties of these gorgeous shrubs from southeast Asia that have become a staple of our southern landscapes. Cultivars of Camellia japonica and reticulata species can be found here, as well as new and interesting hybrids that represent the cutting edge of Camellia horticulture.

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