Little Sprouts Series

February 8, 2023 - November 7, 2023 10:00 am

Little Sprouts will meet outside the Gin House at 10 AM. The price is $5/member and $7/nonmember per child. 1 caretaker enters free.

Designed for children ages 3-5 and their caregiver(s), Little Sprouts not only provides an opportunity to explore and experience the Columbus Botanical Garden, but it provides early exposure to the elements of nature through developmentally appropriate activities.

Little Sprouts is a 30-45 minute lesson on a feature of the Garden and its connection to nature/science. The class is designed to be an exposure experience in which there are three parts: 1. gather and have social time together such as a group talk, hear a story, or enjoy a presentation on that day’s theme. 2. Exploration through a hands-on experience that can look like a game, scavenger hunt, or data collection activity. 3. A craft that ties the two experiences together from parts 1 and 2!

This event occurs the first TUESDAY of every month.

Little Sprouts – April 4th, 2023

Topic: Sunshine

Lesson: Little Sprouts will learn about the sun and the benefits it provides plants and animals!

Craft: Little Sprouts will make their own suncatchers

Activity: Shadow hunt; Little Sprouts will create their own shadow art as they traverse the garden in search of shadows!

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Little Sprouts Ticket - April 4, 2023 $5.00$7.00

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Little Sprouts Ticket - May 2, 2023 $5.00$7.00

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