Columbus Botanical Garden

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Located on 36 acres of green space in north Columbus, GA. We currently have 4 developed acres with a 10 year plan for new gardens to come. We are pleased to provide an attractive venue and colorful setting for photography, special events, horticultural seminars, and community learning.
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It’s a special time to be at the garden as we work hard to realize the full potential for good that a botanical garden can have in our community.
Whether your interests lie with learning about the natural world, being inspired by different landscape design styles, marveling at the wildlife you can find in a garden, or relaxing at a special event among friends, we’ve got you covered at the Columbus Botanical Garden. We’re excited about our new gardens and fresh educational opportunities we are planning. Come visit us to enjoy the full range of outdoor recreation, educational and enrichment opportunities we’ve put together for you, and learn about the different ways you can engage with the garden as a visitor, a volunteer or a member. Click on the images below to learn more about some of our special landscapes and how you could be involved.
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